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Highway to the Danger Zone!

Top Gun is definitely one of my most favorite movies of all time. If I had to watch it everyday for a week, I would not get sick of it. :)  It's cheesy and awesome and has some of the best lines ever ("I feel the need...the need for speed!!") and definitely one of the best soundtracks.  In fact, I think I might go download it from ITunes right now! 

Anyway, when we heard the Blue Angels were in town I was so excited! I saw them when I was about 12 and that was actually the last time they performed in NH!  It was a great day for an air show and we were psyched.  It was a *little* too hot but otherwise perfect. No clouds to block our vision!  And, we worked things out well that we took the backways to Portsmouth (through Stratham) and had lunch outside of the airport and avoided lots of traffic. Win-win!  

Kerry joined us for the day and we also caravanned over with the Lindholms and Hynds as well as Dianna's parents.  It was a lot of fun!  But, I think Cole's favorite part of the day ended up being the bouncy houses and obstacle courses that he and Aidan did at the end of the day. Cole thought the jets were cool but it was really hot and that was more bothersome.  He couldn't stop talking about it this morning though and he finally put together a model jet that he got for his birthday so that spurred on some more conversation about it as well!

I think boys will find anything to use as items to "get" each other with!

Some of the gang!

Fun in the car!  Once we went in the back way we had a pretty good view of the airshow (it was going on all day!) while we waited in some traffic.  

Sitting in an army jeep (that was in Shutter Island and signed by Leo! Swoon!) :)

Aidan tests out the ear plugs to block out some of the sound. The fighter jets and the Blue Angels were of course really loud.  The ear plugs didn't stay in long though. :)

Haha...I thought this one looked like a face. 

Cole and Aidan pretended to shoot out of the helicopeter. Brendan was like, "um, guys, I think that is a medic copter." :)

Feeling hot and a little wiped.

We found some shade under a wing and camped out there until the show began.  Probably 3/4ths into the Blue Angels the kids and I came back to seek shelter.  

Ready and waiting!  

Some waited under the wing and some of us came up close to the show. 

Look how precise they are! I was in awe!

Kerry was amazed. This photo might have been staged. I'm not saying.

This is Cole saying, "I'll pose but I really want to be on the bouncy house!"

We were lucky to park in a business lot which had a great hill for rolling down! We did this for about a half an hour waiting for the traffic to clear.  All in all a fantastic day!  Thanks everyone for the great time!


Kerry said...

You got great pictures!!! I had so much fun : )

Lisa said...

Love the pictures! Especially the one you got from up high! Very cool! The blue angels are so amazing! I'd like to meet them just to see how they feel after each show.. To see if they are like phew! We made it without crashing!

Katrina said...

That looked like such a fun day!! And thanks to your title I am officially singing that song over and over in my head haha. I used to have that soundtrack and I think I wore it out from listening to it so much!