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My Baby is a Baby No Longer....

He's a kindergartner! I can't believe it!  So handsome! So smart! So independent!  

Still so goofy!

But, oh, so sweet!

The bus will pick Cole (along with 7 other kids) up at Applewood in the morning and drop him off when school is finished.  Since that is the schedule, we met the bus at Applewood this morning. Cole was so excited, a little apprehensive, but still excited! I think he got more excited when he saw how thrilled his friends were to be going!  Today was an "open house" kind of day, where the kids rode the bus and the moms and dads could go to school with them. School was only an hour and at the end of it Cole was like "that's it?" I asked him if he enjoyed kindergarten and he said "No, it was too short!"  I think if that's the only reason we'll be ok!  He was very happy to know it was going to be much longer with recess and snack tomorrow!  And he thought it was really funny that his teacher told the class to leave the parents at home the next day!  
Because there are so many Applewood kids they get their own (short!) bus.  Cool!

We met the bus at the school and all of the kids were so excited to see their parents!  Cole said they were telling jokes on the way to school and then when they got there they all started chanting "Moose Hill, Moose Hill, Moose Hill!"  

There was lots to do in the classroom.  Cole's penmanship has gotten so controlled since he's been doing his "journal" in preschool often this summer!  Cole made 2 nametags- one for school and one he liked better and brought home. He made me guess what each animal was on the tag.  This one was a butterfly. :)

So intense! :)

Story time with Mrs Stith!  We love her already!

There was lots to do in the classroom.  Cole gravitated right to the puzzles but they were not that challenging and he finished them quickly. We read a couple books and he was loving the selection there and when I told him his class goes to the library (in school) every week and can check books out to bring home, he was just so excited!   We did a couple other activites and explored other areas but it was a little crazy with the 13 other children, parents, and some other siblings (there were kids like 8 years old there dominating the building area- I was a little perturbed that someone brought older siblings to the open house!)  The hour went by quickly and it was time to go to the bus.  We loaded him up and met him back at Applewood!

The gang! Plus a new friend joins in tomorrow!

Now that Cole has been on the bus and to the school, he was crazy excited at bedtime tonight. He wanted to go back immediately!  I think he'll have a great time in kindergarten!  It'll be new for me where I won't have constant interaction with his teachers (although you can bet I'll call and email his teacher lots to hear how he's doing!).




Lisa said...

Yay! Such a fun day! Looks like he had lots of fun at school. It will be interesting what they share with us tomorrow after their "day" without us. If only to be a fly on the wall!

Great job Cole! You looked like such a stud on your first day of school!

Dad / Paw Paw Sevin said...

Great photos..............It was great hearing his excitement on the phone today.

Katrina said...

That's so cool you guys were able to go with him on the first day. I still can't believe he started school already! Time flies.

P.S. I'm loving the way you styled his hair!! :)

Mom said...

Can't wait to receive a drawing done at school to put on our refrigerator! Such an excited boy he was to talk about all he did! Loved seeing his grin!