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Can it Be?

It seems only yesterday you were born.  The past five years have been a blur and yet the fine details of your growth and maturity are etched in my mind...the "firsts", your constant love of reading and all things puzzles and games, your passion, and your happiness. You are a mama's boy, for sure. :)  Tomorrow you start kindergarten!  When I ask you about it, you are neither excited nor nervous.  I think like all things unknown in your life, you are careful to assess the situation and react before jumping in. You have more of a reaction at this point to the new sneakers we just bought!
 You are a wonder and I love you. :)

These next couple pictures capture you well...goof, sports fan, dancing star, and all around happy boy.  

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Mimi said...

100% of his Grammies Agree that Cole is a Happy and Extraordinary boy! I love his exhuberance of all of his fav things, and how he loves us in return! Hope you really like Kindergarten, Cole! You are so ready because of all that Dad and Mom do with you!