Super Sevins


Nine out of Ten Boys Agree..

...the Rogers have the best driveway!  (Seven out of Ten Mommies agree that they shut their eyes and pray their boys don't get hurt on said driveway!)

Cole and Caden zoomed down from the top of the driveway on their trikes.  No peddling, just zooming!  Amazingly, no one has gotten hurt yet! 

Cole is about to take a tumble but turns out just fine!

Cole turns around to see if anyone notices him taking the scooter up to the top. :)
They do! So he rides the Pooh Bear ride-on instead which also goes pretty quickly! :)

"Hummm, what can I do so I can be just like the boys", thinks Charlotte.

Then the craziness ended with some good ol' fashioned bubble time.


Lisa said...

Haha! Those are terrific pictures! how I so miss blogging.. I haven't even looked at those pics yet! Great post. You've captured each child perfectly! You should be a photojournalist! seriously!

Mom said...

I have a perfect picture in my mind of all the antics these children were doing. Thanks for the perfectly silly shot of Charlotte upside down and Cole leaning in to blow bubbles! Love also Charlotte's hair partially braided!

bgpartners said...

Oh My Gosh! Who does the first picture remind you of - 30 some years ago... It's been too long!!
Luv all your pictures, so many smiles to capture.
Thanks for sharing. Lots of love to all.