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Another thing has been checked off of our Fall To-Do List!  Pumpkin picking!  We visited Mack's only because they have the best (and biggest) pumpkin patch around these parts.  Otherwise we steer clear of this place because of all of the tourists! :)

So what is pumpkin picking if nothing else that a complete photographic opportunity! Hey, my family has come to expect it so it's all good.  

We spent a good 45 minutes roaming the patch looking for the perfect pumpkin. Ahem, let me rephrase that...there were many great pumpkins but Cole wanted to find just the right one. We finally convinced him that we found two super pumpkins and he could choose one from those, otherwise I think we would have been there all afternoon!

Cole has an eye for details...especially if those details include bugs.  I don't know how he spied this little ladybug!

Little miss pouty because no one would carry her.  We let her stand there and pout until she decided to join us.  I know, we are horrible parents. :) (Believe me, I carry her a lot...probably too much and that's why she expects it!)

 These photos are for anyone that tells me that Charlotte looks like Brendan.  

Charlotte's newest interest is pretending she is a baby...which usually involves crawling every where and "letting" us rock her and pretend to give her a bottle.  She could play this game for hours. It's a hoot.

We finally found our perfect pumpkin!

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Lisa said...

Love 'em! I love your block of 3 photos of Charlotte and Brendan.. one for Charlotte's fabulous Brendan poses.. and two for just the whole look of it! I also love that you always take a family sort of pic even if it is just one parent at a time.. I need to start doing that more!