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Leaf Jumpers

These photos are from last weekend. I now have about 14 more posts before I'm caught up. Feast or famine here, people!  

We have a big oak tree on our side yard that, while provides leaves that are not that pretty, it does provide an abundance of leaves to rake up and therefore jump in!  Raking is inevitable in the fall no matter if we try to stay ahead of it and mow the lawn or not!  Although I wish I could mow the lawn every day and not rake at all!  But there must be piles to jump in, after all.  

Charlotte "let" Cole and I rake up the pile while she played quality control and removed the sticks from the pile. So thoughtful, that one!  At one point they covered me completely in leaves and I have so say I could only stand it for a minute. I don't like my face being buried!  Makes me a little nervous.  :)

They did love for me to bury them though and then kick their way out!


Katrina said...

I'm definitely with you. Having your face buried is not cool! But it was a blast as a little kid and the smell of leaves still brings me back to my childhood. Leaf jumping was always my favorite part of fall!

Beautiful photos! I love how you caught all the leaves mid-air. :)

Lisa said...

Great action shots! I love the one of the kids facing each other in the leaves.. and Cole's leaf mask! haha!

Leaves are so much fun! But now that I am big all I think about is what kind of bugs are lurking in there?!