Super Sevins


I've hiked Pack Monadnock quite a bit over my 33 years... and I always remember it as a great hike.  So, in planning out our bucket list for the fall, I told Brendan that this year I wanted to hike the mountain as a family. He agreed it would be fun.  Or he just wanted to appease me. I'm not sure which. Either way, he agreed. :)

The Rogers family came along for the good times too.  Cole and Caden had a blast. They were real troopers, never complaining at all. I am so glad that they enjoyed it! It just means next time I want to go, Cole will remember he had a good time and want to go again. :)  Charlotte was just fine in the backpack which she hasn't been in for over a year.  Actually last time we tried to go for a hike it was a bit of a disaster and Charlotte, as a 19-month old refused to get in the backpack and insisted on hiking up the mountain herself. I think that hike lasted all of 20 minutes before we turned around.  Not so this time! Two hours up and one hour down!  I have to say I also thoroughly enjoyed myself- it was a beautiful day for a hike!   I carried the backpack for a little bit but Brendan was also a trooper and carried Charlotte most of the way up and all of the way down.  I guess he was ok to complain. :)

You can see Charlotte's baby also had to come along for the ride.

Cole found what looked like a guitar rock and I made him pose with it. Of course!

Yes! Still on the right path!  Although we doubted ourselves several times since it took us so long to get up! We took the harder of the two 1.5-mile hikes- it was a lot of rock climbing which the little boys loved!

Even baby is tired!

Uh-oh! What path is ours?! :)

We found our way to the top! Yay! We had a brief snack and checked out the view from the fire tower and moseyed on down to the bottom.

I can't say all of us had a great time (maybe a good time!) but I know myself, Lisa, Cole, and Caden definitely did! When are we going again?!  haha!


Lisa said...

Those are great pics! Cole must be the name to have for a very imaginative boy! Since they were both seeing great things in the rocks.

I love the pic of Cole and Caden laying in the tree! GREAT ANGLE!

I agree.. it was a fabulous day! I had a great time, as did the kids! Thanks for inviting us to come along.

Amanda said...

Fall hiking is so much fun. I'm glad most of you enjoyed yourselves! I too love the angle of the Cole and Caden tree photo. It's great!