Super Sevins


Apples with the Applewood gang

One of the Moms from Charlotte's preschool class organized a get together at Apple Acres last weekend.  Works out perfectly for both since Charlotte has buddies in the class (obviously) and Cole's friends with the older boys that went! And I can hang out with my mom friends! Win for everyone! Brendan was at a football game but we had fun anyway.  I don't know why I even picked up a bag to pick apples as we are still working our way through the 18 lbs we picked a couple weeks ago!  Cole had more fun being a "boy" with Sam and Thomas and running around and kicking apples in the air. Charlotte was loving seeing her BFF Maddie outside of Applewood. She and Maddie have been at Applewood since they were infants and the two of them play so nicely together and are just so darn cute!  Unfortunately Maddie doesn't live in the same town as us so they won't grow up together and go to school together but they've got a couple more years together at Applewood anyway!


Lisa said...

Super fun! It's great that you have your applewood gang! Bad side of home daycare...

Love the fence pic of the boys.. and everyone hovering over Charlotte's baby!... and the beautiful blue sky in the orchard pic!

Katrina said...

I agree with Lisa. It's great you all get together outside of school as well! So much fun.

P.S. Orchard pics are the best. They're my favorite scenes of Fall.