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Pre Halloween Extravaganza

On Friday Moose Hill had their annual Halloween parade and kindergarten parties.  The parade was probably the single most adorable thing I've seen in awhile. They were all so happy to be showing off their costumes and seeing their friends/moms/dads/etc.  Brendan couldn't make it so I had to play videographer and photographer and it was a little difficult to balance both! Had I know the first time they walked by that they would do a loop and walk by again, I probably would have filmed the first walk by and then snapped photos the second!  Oh well. Now I know for when Charlotte is in kindergarten!  Cole was so pleased I was there and I was really glad I could be there for him!  I helped out in the classroom afterwards for the Halloween party. Cole was feeling a little out of it because he had a big cold but he had fun nonetheless!

They weren't allowed to wear masks and Cole's green alien head constituted a mask so he was just a blue alien guy for the parade. He didn't mind!

After  the parade, they sang a song about fall.  It was so cute.  And Cole has been singing it at bedtime at night now.  

The next day Charlotte's ballet class was allowed to wear costumes to class. They had about half ballet lessons and then a little party with cookies and cupcakes. All of the moms were cringing and hoping their costumes stayed clean! :) They did!  

Charlotte's ballet and tap class is great. I really like Miss Laura who is a nice balance of silly and firm with the little girls. They are learning lots of ballet and tap movement when they all think they are just having lots of fun! Can't wait for the recital next year! Should be more cuteness!!

Then Saturday night the Hynds held a Halloween party, and was it ever a great a Halloween party!  I mean, we have like 2 decorations in our house- their entire house was covered along with a spooky haunted hallway!  It was awesome! I was surprised Cole went through it by himself (several times!) because he scares easily but he was fine with it! Charlotte even wanted to go several times. Chris scared me once and made me scream in the hallway and Charlotte laughed at me. :)

Up above we have the Sandman, Chef, and Queen of Hearts! AKA Rick, Abby, and Robin! :)

Brendan decided he was going as a ref (I know, big stretch) and I had no idea what to go as!!  I'm not one for thinking creatively for the costumes. Brendan suggested cheerleader. Awesome! Except it was hard to find a cheerleader costume that wasn't porn-like! :)  Luckily, the Spartans came through for me. :)

ahem, I am going to stop smiling so hard. My wrinkles are really getting out of hand.

Abby and I noted that we are going to hire Dianna to entertain our kids. She's a teacher and is always in there thinking of games to play or ways to keep the kids entertained. She's the best!!

The bouncy house is always a hit.  The boys were insane.  Lots of wrestling. Amazingly no one got hurt this time! 

Laurie as the the self described "tipsy tooth fairy". 

How have I not heard about this game before??!! It's awesome! Donut on a string!
The kids loved it!

What a great weekend leading up to Halloween!


Lisa said...

so much fun! And shoosh! you do not have wrinkles! I love the donut string game! I wanted to do that at our "apple party" that didn't happen.. so sad! next year! I love your family picture, Cole is just chillin' there with his water! too cute.

Katrina said...

Wow!! That is a Halloween party!!
The kids looked adorable in their costumes. I spotted a little Dorothy behind Cole. Too cute.

Yeah, and what wrinkles?? I definitely don't see a single one.

Abby Chau said...

I am catching up on my blogs. This is a great post! That party was so fun. I always wish I got the pics you have.