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Catching Up...

Blogging has escaped me lately for a couple reasons...

1.  I reached my maximum free capacity on Picasa Web albums (where all my blogger pics get stored).  Yes, that's right. Since 2008, I have posted well over 1800 or so  pictures.  Crazy.  I was so mad when I found out that there was actually a max on free space that I almost switched right then and there to WordPress!  But I love my blog so I bit the bullet and purchased 19 more G's of space for $5 per year. Yuck.  But it has to be done.   Then once I purchased I had the hardest time trying to figure out how to get the space linked to blogger.  Google  products are not very intuitive! At least for me, where I don't have hours and hours to sit and figure them out.  But eventually I did and hence this post.

2. I've got sucked into (haha, pun intended) the Twilight series.  I don't usually like sci-fi or thrillers or anything remotely scary (and I do get freaked out at some parts), but so many people around me have talked up this series so much that I just had to pick up the copy of Twilight that Lisa lent to me over 3 months ago!  I love this series because really it is first and foremost a story about relationships. Although you never forget that you are reading about a vampire (and a werewolf), the story telling is phenomonal. Really great stuff. I'm 3/4ths through the third book and only started the series a week and a half ago.  I consider that impressive since I work full time and don't get to pick up a book until after 8pm at night!  But sadly, the laundry has gone unfolded, Brendan ignored, and my favorite TVs shows unwatched.  All that matters is learning more about this story! So good.

But, now that I have blogger back I figured I really should post these Halloween pics before the new year rolls around.  

On Halloween, all of the Sevin cuteness was gathered together again. :)  We headed to Elwood's corn maze.  When I say, "catching up" that wasn't only referring to the was also running after these five kooks as they bolted through the maze. I was honestly worried we would lose one of them! 

All of them wanted to be leader at one point or another and often at the same time.  Thankfully the adults knew intuitively that some of the parts just went around in circles so we split up sometimes and then were back together again in 5 minutes. 

Boys and shooting things. Not being a boy myself, I will never understand this need.  As long as Cole points at inanimate objects I'm ok with it. :)

After about 30 minutes, an emergency exit was found and the kids decided they had had enough.  Not me! I wanted to find the real exit! Darn kids!  Next year I go on my own! haha!

And they are off again!

I can't get enough of these cuties together.  Aidyn and his corn crack me up.

Halloween treats!  But, alas!  Sometimes candy is not enough to  push one away from the need to shoot one's eye out. :)

 Such buddies these two are! No matter how much time goes between visits, they always wander around like they are the best of friends.  And so silly they are!

 Sweetness. Charlotte and Olivia entertain Grammy by singing on "stage" (a stepstool).  I have video too. It was so cute.

 Rogers' joined us for some yummy dinner prepared by Rob and Brendan (smoked  pork!)  before we set out for our walk.  

Caught!  The kids were all playing in Cole's room and the look on Caden's face says it all.

 Awww. Just look at how much Ethan loves Rob!

 Cole and Aidyn are so used to having their pics taken that they jumped in on Damien and Amanda's family photo!

 All dressed up and lots of places to go!

 Sevin boys!

 Sevin girls plus one Rogers!

 The main event!  Cole loved running ahead with Cameron and Caden, no longer content to hang by Mom and Dad. Sigh.  He was loving every minute of it, going from house to house, selecting KitKats when he was given the choice.  

 So tired....

But so worth it!

Hope you enjoyed the post!  I'll be back soon but I don't know when...I'm off to finish Eclipse and then start Breaking New Dawn (900 pages! gasp!)

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Katrina said...

Awww the Halloween pictures! I still need to go through all of mine. Time is really escaping us.

The 900 pages will go so fast and then you won't know what to do with yourself once it's over haha. I'm definitely buying the Eclipse movie as soon as it comes out.

Maybe if you stopped using Picasa you wouldn't have to pay for space? I've never used that program and I haven't yet had to pay for anything.

P.S. Team Edward or Jacob?