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The Start of the Season- aka Our Weekend Away

I realize I already posted all of these pics and more on FB, but I needed to add them to the blog too so I could put words behind the pictures! :)

Two weekends ago we rented a house with the Chaus, Lindholms, and Hynds.  I think the conversation regarding going up to Santa's Village started with Dianna and Brendan back in May.  It was talked about on and off but then as fall came around we decided to rent a house and get more families involved.  I can't even tell you how much fun this weekend was...and at the same time, so incredibly relaxing. There is something about that fresh mountain air that just wipes everything else out.  Work has been ridiculous lately and I so needed this time away with family and friends. It was PERFECT. :)  There was a lot of laughter and good times on the part of the kids- all of them know each other so well and they all get along so great- and come to think of it, there was a lot of  laughter and good times on the part of the adults as well!  There are lots of jokes and funny stories to tell, but what happens in Jefferson, NH stays in Jefferson, NH. LOL!  

Blogger didn't want to necessarily assign these photos in order and I'm too lazy right now to put them where I want them so the pic of the house we stayed at is actually near the end. I wish I had taken more pics of the inside of the house- it was fabulous- 5 bedrooms (one with 2 bunk beds so the four kindergarten boys could have a little sleepover!) and a huge family room and lots of other charming additions. We are definitely headed back next year!

Ready to watch a movie on Friday night! They had a big leather sofa that was just amazing. It took all I had not stay on that couch instead of going to Santa's Village. 

My favorite spot in the entire house.  A wall of very large window seats. Perfect for curling up and reading a book... in my case Eclipse! Or, in the case of the boys, perfect spot for playing boy wrestling games.  I find it amazing how physical boys are and just how physical girls are not. It is so innate in them.  All four of the older boys are very well behaved boys and I was never worried about it getting out of control. They were being boys!  And that was ok. 

Go figure. In the "out" door to go to Santa's Village.  We were cool and bought our tickets ahead of time which was a good thing because it was packed!

I have no idea why Charlotte was making this absolutely adorable face. Maybe because it was so cold. It started snowing at first and while magical, it was a bit wet and just cold. Thank goodness it stopped after awhile!

Cole shows off his reindeer ring.

I don't know why, but it surprised me that there was a manger scene.  I was glad it was there. :)

Cole liked this ride because it was similar (although no where near as cool of course!) as the the Buzz Lightyear/Zurg ride in Disney. In this case you had to zap the Bah Humbugs!  Small world- I saw a coworker while waiting in line. :)

Charlotte is pretty adventurous for her age and will go on any ride.

I refused to go on the old ferris wheel. Heights and I don't mix and it makes me nervous that these chairs can swing in the wind! Plus it was freezing.  Brendan and Charlotte were troopers.

Thank you Dianna!  :)

Buddies.  Even though Sam and Cole will go to Matthew Thornten and Aidan and Zach will go to South School, I hope they remain friends as we go on more weekends away and get togethers. Then they can all regroup in middle school! 

Big hit. Charlotte just ate the icing off of hers!

26 elves around the park!  We found every one and punched our card. This was such a big hit with the kids.

Could you only imagine a lollipop that size?

This ride was like a mini-scrambler. Charlotte wanted to ride it many times in a row!

Explain this. They only turn the heaters on when it gets dark! It was 30's all day!  We huddled under the first one we saw.

I hope they always remember these friends and the good times we had.  These families are so special to us and we are very grateful for their friendship!

The next morning we went through a walk through the neighborhood. The development is comprised of all summer/ski homes, all built to the owners specifications. The homes are gorgeous. I want one. :)
Anyway, what makes children happy is a 4x3 patch of ice. I think they could have stayed there for awhile.   I need a lesson from the kids. Really, I do.

Bretton Woods. They were making snow so the resort could open in time for Thanksgiving!

This view doesn't do the house justice. It's huge on the inside. And so cute.

After we left the house and left for home we decided to make a quick journey up the road to Mt Washington.  I hope someday we can take the kids on the Cog Railway because it is such a cool experience. Price per ticket is now $67!!! Isn't that insane?  Still, maybe someday when they can really enjoy it. I have fond memories of doing that when I was a kid. Plus its Mount Washington!  And there is no way I'm hiking it. :)


Lisa said...

So fun!! I love big house rentals with friends! (or in my case family!) I love the picture of all the kids in the sleigh ride.. such great memories they will all have! And I am sure they will be friends forever.

Mom said...

You're such a great memory maker, Kelly! With your event organizing and your camera, memories for a lifetime in every adventure! When did you get your first camera?! When can I get Cole's first camera?