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It's hard to get a perfect family photo when everyone is so ready to eat. :)  We are also missing Katrina and Damien who were desperately ill that day. :( We missed them both!

I love to cook. Love it.  It always makes me happy to make a meal that is new or delicious and to hear Brendan say, "Great job, Kelly." :)  A way to a man's heart... 

We went through the rest of the day with lots of laughs.  Thanksgiving was truly a day to stop and be thankful for these wonderful people in my life. 

What I'll remember most about this Thanksgiving...
-Charlotte and Olivia prancing around as Tinkerbell and Cinderella practically all day.
-Watching and willing the turkey to cook
-Help to make the gravy. Someday I will perfect that! I don't know why it scares me so!
-Cameron and Cole and their football games
-Cole singing his Thanksgiving song from Moose Hill
-Band Hero :)

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Lisa said...

I love the collages! Looks like a very fun day packed full of activity. I just love big family gatherings at the holidays. It truly is what the holidays are all about!

PS.. I hadn't seen your post before I titled mine :) it is a bit different, but barely! although really how many titles can you think of for Thanksgiving?!