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'Tis the Season!

We are trying to pack in a lot for the Christmas season! It is so magical as a child and we've got 4 weeks to keep the magic going! :) This weekend we decorated the inside of the house (more on that later).  Last weekend we went to Derry's Holiday parade (but let's face it, it was a Christmas parade), made a gingerbread house, and decorated the tree!

It was cold for the parade and  the kids were actually excited to wear there snow pants for the first time! Charlotte found that stuffed lovey snowman in the decoration box and wouldn't let go of it all weekend.

I just love this photo.  I decided this year that it is ok to love your own photography. At first I thought I was annoying saying that but hey, if you can't love aspects of your own photography, then what is the point?

Lots of people were throwing candy canes out. One business threw bags of pasta!

 Just another reason the Londonderry Marching Band is the coolest.

 Charlotte's dance studio had a float!  Next year she may ride it.  The theme was "Mother Goose" stories and Miss Laura (Charlotte's teacher and the owner of the studio) was dressed as mother goose. As soon as she saw Charlotte, she yelled out to her and said hi. Charlotte was very perplexed because it sounded like Miss Laura, but the white wig threw her off completely.  She asked all day why Miss Laura had white hair.

 I just thought this coat was amazing.  I hope they have a pooper scooper under there for the horse though!

 Can I have one??!!

 It's Santa!!!

 This was the first year we built a gingerbread house and we had a lot of fun. Maybe next year I'll try baking my own gingerbread for it!  Hey, it's good to have goals!

My two greatest treasures. :)  They found the Santa bag and decided to pile instead and pretend to be presents. 


Lisa said...

Another reason I wish we could stay home for Thanksgiving! What a fun parade!! Cole looks so patriotic standing there with his flag!

The last photo is fabulous!! Did you use that one for your card?! If not you should!! haha!

Abby Chau said...

I made my own gingerbread once. I'd recommend you take that off your goal list and replace it with something more fun :) I was bummed we missed this parade. Looks like you guys had a great time. Can't wait for the party this weekend. Let me know if you need any help.