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The Tree!

We always buy our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.  The past two years we've gone to Shady Hill Nursery in Londonderry and have had such good luck with finding a tree that stays fresh until Christmas. After seeing and talking with our friends the Lindholms for a couple minutes, it literally took us 10 minutes to find OUR tree. There's something about having the first pick! 

We decorated the tree the next day and Charlotte was patiently waiting until we had all of the ornaments out of the box!

She had a lot of favorites to put up.  Unfortunately we had one instance where she broke one of the ornaments that my grandmother gave to me when I was little.  I was heartbroken only because it was a "thing" that linked me to my grandmother.  But lesson learned, I put the glass ornaments on the tree from now on!

We had a lot of good pictures of the two of them smiling and loving each other. It was hard to choose one for the Christmas card!  But you'll see it on the card soon enough!

I love this season!  We've also been doing Advent Calendars, singing  Christmas carols, dancing endlessly to The Polar Express soundtrack and NewSong's Grinch (so fun!), watching Christmas specials, and drawing Christmas pictures!  I'm also having Cole and Charlotte make gifts for grandparents this year! 

Christmas songs I could listen to over and over again :  Wham's Last Christmas, Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas, Straight No Chaser's Twelve Days of Christmas,  any version of O Come O Come Emmanuel and any version of O Holy Night,  Bare Naked Ladies/Sarah McLachlan's We Three Kings. There's more of course!


Abby Chau said...

A family Christmas tree. What a novel idea :)

Fabulous bokeh baby!

Amanda said...

LOVE the photo of Charlotte waiting! I see a similar look on Olivia a lot :) Love the bokeh, looks like you are having fun with it!

Lisa said...

Such great pictures! Love the one of Charlotte in the chair looking backwards! and of course the two kids in front of the tree!

Christmas really is the best time of year.. I just love the magical feeling! The lights! The glitter, the pretty packages!! Oh such fun!!

Can't wait to see your tree Saturday! I love looking at other people's ornaments! They say so much about people! Although I am pretty sure I've already inspected yours before :) I forget though.. so it's fun all over again!