Super Sevins



Siblings have such a special relationship.  They fight, they squabble, they purposely get on each other's nerves, and they are the best of friends.   Last weekend I was finishing the Christmas paper chains to be hung around the house as decorations (yes, my helpers instructed me on the pattern and then took off!) and I was surprised first to hear them playing nicely with Cole's football guys set and then running off to put together a puzzle (with only a shout, "Mommy we are missing the neck!") and then rolled into the
 living room playing horse. I wish you could hear how loud Charlotte giggles with this. It's hilarious. 
I know someday they will outgrow the fighting and they'll be left with only a beautiful friendship. :)


Lisa said...

The fighting ends?! Oh you just made my night!! Oh how I do love when they get along.. that is so funny they love to play horse too! Caden, Cole and Cora do that and I think my giggles might be louder than theirs! haha! It is so funny!

i love that so many of your pictures have tree bokeh! I need to get snappin!

Katrina said...

I love that last picture. They're adorable. It's so great they play together and they will no doubt keep that strong bond as they get older.