Super Sevins



Three years ago we held our first Christmas party in our new home.  Two years ago we planned a party and the ice storm took away our electricity (boo!). Last year we decided to go out to Boston to a nice dinner with close friends instead of a party. This year the party returned! 25 adults, 17 children, and tons of food and laughter...I didn't want the night to end!  I had so much fun with everyone! I literally took my camera out for about 10 minutes, ran around the house trying to snap some photos (not very good ones!) and then put away the camera for the rest of the night.  Really, I've learned to unglue the thing from my fingers sometimes. haha!

We are really very lucky to have the friends we have.  We adore each one of you and are very thankful you took the time to celebrate the season with us. can tell with this shaky photo that I might have drank a little too much wine at this point.  

 Rob is always the troublemaker.

They look so gosh darn innocent, don't they?! 


Abby Chau said...

Thank you for having us. We had so much fun. Great party!!

Lisa said...

love it! so fun, and poor Cora! She looks miserable.. oh wait, I forgot she was!

Thanks for the party! It was a good time while I was able to enjoy it... way better than going out in Boston! Way more work for you though! so thanks!

Katrina said...

Aidyn came home and said he didn't want to live at our house anymore but wanted to live at Cole & Charlotte's haha. I took that as he had a great time. :)