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Christmas Eve 2010

Excitement is definitely contagious and Cole and Charlotte's levels were off of the charts on Christmas Eve. Cole actually couldn't wait to put on his Christmas clothes, was asking all day when the family would arrive, and was just bouncing off of the walls. I loved it!

What I also love is the tradition we have created since moving back to family and Brendan's parents come over on Christmas Eve for church, light dinner, and lots of laughs.  I look forward to it every year!  

We went to church at a local church that we went to a few times before and actually feel quite at home at.  It was such a pretty service and Cole loved being able to hold his own candle!  Charlotte was so sleepy and fell asleep during the sermon but woke up again to help me hold her candle. She was a little grumpy for awhile after that just being so tired, but perked up after she was bribed with a cookie or two!

Another reason I love Christmas Eve is that I make everyone pose for pictures.  Everyone poses and there's lots of different combinations of portraits!  :)  Beautiful keepsakes I say!

We track Santa on Norad's website every year! Cole loves to see where Santa's been and how close he is to coming to our house!  For some reason the video on Norad's site wasn't working this year so that was disappointing but Paw-paw found some special footage on YouTube. :)

A supermodel arrived at our house and then I realized it was Kerry. :) LOVE the hair, darling!

Getting ready to sprinkle reindeer food outside!  What made it extra special is that deer really did come in the night and eat the food so there were lots of "reindeer" tracks in the front yard!

Santa got eggnog and chocolate chip cookies this year!

Cole and Charlotte had a blast using Grandpa's and Paw-paw's cameras to take photos of everyone!

Before we knew it, it was 8:30 and Cole was ASKING to go to bed. Only  night of the year that will happen.  Even with a cat nap in church, Charlotte fell asleep very easily. Cole was still bouncing around by the time I left him but he did fall asleep quickly too.  

After that it was game time! We have played Apple to Apples in the past but my Dad brought a new game, Would You Rather?  It is a completely silly game only made sillier by my Dad's and Brendan's Dad's antics. It made me groan and laugh at the same time.  If you are wondering what Kerry is doing in the above photo,  one of the challenges was "hold your tongue for two players' turns".  Don't ask, just play the game. It's hilarious!

Another wonderful Christmas Eve!  


Jessica Sevin Bourg said...

Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing!! Lots like y'all have a wonderful Christmas Eve!!

Lisa said...

So fun!! Love all the family pictures in front of the tree! They are beatiful! Cole looks so dapper in his fancy shoes! love how his foot was crossed over the other!! He and Brendan are two peas in a pod.. but tell Brendan he needs a new sweater!! I think we see that one every time you guys dress up! haha! However it is a very nice sweater :)