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My Kind of Day

I got through this year and still had 1 vacation day left over to take today (in addition to the Holiday Closing week).  I have 4 weeks of vacation and the kids really did not get that sick this year.  Well, I guess I should classify that as less sick than in years past. And our December has been a healthy one! Not even a sniffly nose!  And for that I am so thankful.

So lucky me I got to go into Cole's classroom today and help out for the Christmas party. I love going into Cole's classroom and he is so proud of me when I come in. It makes me happy that's for sure!

I should note that all of the classroom  pics were taken with my IPhone. Just a disclaimer. :)

The room mother is a former teacher who is completely organized and awesome. :)  The kids played the game where they have to pass around a present and when the music stops the person holding the gift has to unwrap one layer.  Of course there are about 10 layers on the present and by the 4th layer the kids were cracking up and saying "Another layer?!!".  I might have to play this one at Charlotte's birthday party in January (3! yikes!).

The home room mother had made them all ornaments with each person's name on it. Very special!

 Olivia and Cole.  Applewood and Moose Hill buddies!

Mrs. Stith! We love her. She is so kind and such a great teacher!

Ah, yes, better quality pictures. :)  Kerry is home from college!!  And the kids love it.  She is such a cool aunt!

We went out to play for awhile. Cole wanted to make snowballs, I wanted to make snowmen, and Charlotte just wanted to complain. Haha- I kid. She played hard at Applewood in the morning and I think she could have taken a nap if I tried to put her down. She actually was very happy making snow angels and thought it was hilarious when I would throw snow on the slide for her to zoom down on!

Cole first made an alien snowman (like his costume, he said, with three eyes) and then had to make a princess like Charlotte's Halloween costume. :)   The crown had fallen off in this pic but we put it back before we went inside.

I love being home with my kiddos!


Abby Chau said...

So happy you got an extra day. Enjoy every minute of the next two and your week off!

Lisa said...

So jealous!! #1 - because you've been able to go to TWO holiday parties at the school! Caden's bus was SUPER late the first day so by the time I got there EVERYTHING was signed up for except buying popcorn for their Thanksgiving feast! :(

#2 - because you had a beautiful day outside! I got to be home too! Although unplanned.. and with two kids with conjunctivitis! We didn't touch anything we didn't have to so that we wouldn't have to wash everything! or live in fear that those nasty germs were lingering ready to strike at any moment!! haha!

Love the snowmen.. Cole has such a great imagination! And dare I ask what kind of tracks those are?!! They look very scary! Fisher Cat?!