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Charlotte's Day

What a wonderful day we had on Sunday to celebrate Charlotte's birthday! Filled with loads of fun and good times.  We always start off birthday mornings with presents in bed. It's an exciting way to start off the day.  After the recent Christmas extravaganza we really could not think about buying more toys for her so presents included a new Tinkerbell costume (she keeps saying she is going to wear it to her party with family and close friends this weekend!), Tinkerbell stamping set, and some new dresses.  Charlotte LOVES dresses. Every morning she walks into her room (because you know she spends the latter half of the night in our bed!) and annouces, "I want to wear a dress tody!".  And she has to wear tights with the dress, leggings are not often acceptable, unless they are of the printed kind (hearts, etc).  At 3, this girl knows what she wants.

Incidently, I haven't been editing these photos lately on this blog. Laziness on my part!

Little toes. :)  She loves to kneel on the kitchen stool and watch me bake, cook etc.  When I say, "watch" that would be 60% help and 40% watch. :)  This particular picture was when we were making s'more ice cream for her cake that night!
Charlotte has such a love for all things coloring and crafty. 

Then we were off to the Boston Children's Museum for a fun morning! You can tell that a) the windshield was dirty, b) my lens is very dirty.  All would have been erased if I took a moment to edit these photos!

The only thing that Charlotte hesitated on was the large climbing structure in the front of the building. Cole started to help her but with the small space she backed out.  

This picture cracks me up. In the building room they have long tubes for kids to crawl through. Charlotte would crawl through them so fast and laugh at me as I tried to set up to take a picture. She thought it was absolutely hilarious to get through the tunnel without me taking a photo.

This girl just came alive at the museum. She was loving "her" day and the constant birthday wishes and references to the birthday girl, etc.  She was dancing in the hallways!

The amazing light up floor!

I LOVE this photo. I don't know why but I do. :)

We had a great time and spent several hours at the museum before we headed out.  
Then in the evening we watched the Pats (lose! boo!) and had cake with Mimi, Grandpa, Jay, and Kerry. All in all a wonderful Charlotte day!  We cannot believe she is three!

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Lisa said...

Love it!! I love that you have presents in bed in the morning! So fun! What a great tradition to look forward to!

And such a fun day for Charlotte.. it's always great to have a day to feel extra special! We haven't been to the children's museum since Cole was crawling.. so you have inspired me to make a visit there this winter! Now I can't wait!

The pictures of Charlotte going crazy on the light up floor crack me up! And the picture of her feet.. I also love, I love bottom shots for some reason! Especially of highly fashionable outfits and cool shoes!

Looks like it was a very fun birthday!