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Long-Awaited, Much Anticipated...

...Tinker Bell birthday party!  
Charlotte has been insisting on having a Tinker Bell birthday party since last June and has never wavered on its theme.  She was so incredibly excited that this day was finally here!  We had a small-ish party again this year, just family and close friends.  Next year we'll start the school friend parties! This one was late in the day and was just simply perfect. Everything went smoothly, everyone was in a good mood, and Charlotte was surrounded by many people who love her!

The outfit was off and on all night depending on her activity!

Not going to lie...I was proud of this cake!  I found the idea online and it was just so fun to do! 

I've learned from years past that even just with family and close friends there are a lot of kids in the house. It's best to schedule activities and keep the screaming to a minimum! haha!
We made fairy wands (or pirate swords for the boys)  from old paper towel rolls, feathers, glitter, ribbon, and foam stickers (which  by the way are one of the best craft inventions ever!).  

 Always laughing, these two.

 Foam stickers? Nah.....these are earrings! :)

 I had some extra poster board, glitter, and fairy foam stickers so I had made a "pin the star on the wand" board. I think everyone had fun! Especially when each person was blindfolded! Such laughing from the kids! PawPaw was gracious enough to hold the board and thankfully no one stuck a star on his face!

 Lisa hung Cora's star on the board. I'm sure next year Cora will be blindfolded with the rest of them!

 Pizza for dinner!  I think it is so cute how the kids argued over who was to sit next to Charlotte. She sure felt like a star!  Robyn later told me that Morgan said, "Charlotte's birthday was the best day ever."  What a sweetie!

 Waiting for presents.

 Grandpa snuck a Bears hat on Cole....which was quickly knocked off by Cole! 

 This is what I get when I say to Rob, "Rob, act like you love Lisa. "  ha!

 There was lots of dancing and throwing of paper!  Everyone had such a great time and Charlotte was so happy, which makes me happy!

 I love those chubby cheeks.

 The crazy boys. Look at the eyes on Cole! Yes, they are crazy!

Here they are!  Birthday friends!  Thank you all for making Charlotte feel so special at her 3rd birthday party!

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Katrina said...

It was a great day. :) Charlotte looked adorable dancing around to her princess music. Aidyn, as always, enjoyed himself and wants to move in haha.