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Growing Up

We try to measure the kids every 6 months.  Brendan thought it would be funny to do Cole's photos as a "line up" photo. This is Cole's serious face.  Let's hope this is as close to a "booked" photo that he ever gets! haha!

Look at that!  Almost five inches in 2 and a half years! 
Must be all that milk he drinks!

 Still a peanut! But that's normal for Charlotte! :)  Great things come in small packages! haha!

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Lisa said...

So fun! I love it! Now that we finally got Cole and Cora growth charts we can measure them instead of doing them all on Caden's! We measured them a few weeks ago and interestingly they are all just about exactly 6" apart! weird!

Charlotte is a peaunt! I love it! She can be at the top of the cheerleading pyramid.. or doing lots of lifts on "So you think you can dance"!!