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More Sledding!

Well, it's only snowed once this winter but it was enough for a week's worth of sledding before it has slowly turned to brown and mush.  We went to Mack's twice last week, once with the Schwinns and once with the Chaus.  It was so fun!  We actually stuck with the smaller of the two hills, only because the first time we went there were a ton of teenagers on the larger hill and it didn't look safe :)  and the second time the snow had largely given way to grass. 

What a difference in Charlotte this year with sledding. Last year she was terrified to go sledding. This year she wants to do everything herself and loves it!  She carries up her own sled (fine by me!) and wants to often go down by herself too, although after one particular wipe out she wanted to go with me a couple times!  "By herself" is a common theme now. It's both interesting and amusing. She insists on picking out her own clothes which is often an adventure in and of itself!  

Anyway!  Sledding on New Year's Eve with the Chaus was captured in photos. :)  Charlotte and Cole were already so tired from their week so Charlotte was a bit sober even while flying down the hill!  The Rogers also showed up and we all had a blast!

Brendan and Abby wait at the bottom to catch the runaway sleds/people before they hit the frozen pond!

I acted as a paparazzo here.  The kid on the left had been playing on the frozen ice and stupidly trying to crack it (while he was standing on it! Duh!)  so someone had called the police.    We were all wondering why on earth this kid hadn't been told extensively not to crack ice on a pond!

There's the wipeout.  There were a couple tears but just from being scared.  She got a hug and got right back up to go down the hill again.  It is amazing to me how much Charlotte has changed this past year. She still has her shyness and some of her unwillingness to try new things but there's a whole new sense of adventure to her and fierce independence.  I love it!

Sledding on New Year's Eve day has definitely become a tradition for us!  Hopefully we get more snow soon so we can go back to Mack's!


Lisa said...

Such a fun place to sled! Number I've lost track why Londonderry is awesome! Thanks for letting us join your playdate! Sledding is so much fun. I am so glad we have kids so we can partake in this activity again so often!

I love how Cole and Chorlotte love to sled together, and how they carry the sled up together.. so adorable. and great action photos of Brendan and his snow spray!

Abby Chau said...

Fun post and great pics. What a perfect way to start New Year's Eve. I can't believe I am saying this, but I wish it would snow again. I'm with Lisa, can't count the # of reasons why we love LDerry.

Kerry Lynn said...

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