Super Sevins


Another year has gone...

Is it just me or are the years just flying by now? When did that happen? I remember being younger and the years dragging on. I think that was because then I was waiting for something to always happen (to be  18, to go to college, to go back to school after break, to get married, to have kids, etc) and now that I have what I've always wanted, there's no need for time to hurry along anymore! It can slow down, thank you very much!

We've been getting together with Ethan and Katrina on New Year's for many moons now. Actually I think the first New Year's was when I newly pregnant with Cole, obviously couldn't drink, and no one knew why I wasn't drinking!  I loved having that little secret. :)  Ever since we moved to Londonderry we incorporated the coolest neighbors ever into our tradition as well.  It's a fun crowd!  We ate waaaaaaay too much, drank just enough alcohol to be silly, and laughed a lot.  

Ethan is trying to tickle all three kids at the same time but his face cracks me up.

Katrina lent me a heart monitoring device when I was pregnant with Charlotte so I could hear her sweet heartbeat whenever I wanted (and of course freak out when I couldn't hear it!).  Finally found it (have I mentioned I'm disorganized?!)  and gave it back to her since Katrina is having a new little baby in the summer (yay for another little Sevin cousin!).  The kids all tried it out first. We didn't have the special jelly stuff you put on to hear the heartbeat better. We heard Cole's; we heard Aidyn's; we could not hear Charlotte's!  We wondered what the doctor would say if we called him to say our perfectly healthy daughter did not have a heartbeat!  

We do not let our children drink soda- just our personal no-no for the kids. :) However, on New Year's Brendan prepared a treat for Caden and Cole- Shirley Temples!  They thought they were very grown up!

Our newest Tinkerbell.

Brendan, Rob, and Ethan had gone to the Fireworks store earlier in the day. It was very exciting. I love fireworks! ;)
I used my tripod for the fireworks but everything was happening so fast that I realized half way through my camera was not screwed on tight enough to the holder and was still shaking.   I managed to get some ok shots.

Then ice cream sundaes!  

They were finger-lickin' good!

And, that's how you know the ice cream is really yummy.

This is all Uncle Ethan's doing!

As if that didn't fill up their bellies, then they were all excited to get pjs on and eat freshly popped popcorn while watching a movie!  

Katrina lasted until 10:30 (she has a good excuse).  Lisa and I lasted until about 11:30 and then we fell asleep!  Don't you love how Brendan took out the camera instead of waking me up to give me a kiss at midnight?! haha!  All of the food and excitement wore us out.  And then the next morning we all had a HUGE breakfast. I think I gained about 5 lbs in 12 hours. It was a little insane. :)  But still, an awesome time!


Katrina said...

Woah now! I lasted until 11:20 HAHA! It was a fun day but my favorite part of the whole weekend was your amazing breakfast. I'm drooling just thinking of the home fries.

Aidyn had a blast and once again didn't want to leave. He threw up everywhere in the car ride home... I think that was his way of protesting.

Lisa said...

Yay for New Years fun! So glad we get to join you! And your big breakfast (that is actually what they call it in Ireland!) Was DELICIOUS! I wish to have that every weekend! everything was perfect.

So did you have to crop me out! haha! Oh.. and I remember being told I only had 8 minutes left.. so I think I was in and out until 11:52, but then totally crashed :) I really would have liked to have just kept sleeping right there on your comfy couch.

Yikes Katrina! Aidyn puked? But I bet secretly you were thinking thank goodness it wasn't yourself! haha! Hope you are feeling better!

Thanks for a great evening! and I love the pictures of the fireworks afermath!

Kelly said...

haha, Lisa! I didn't crop you out. Brendan took another photo of just me and since you didn't want to post a photo of yourself sleeping, I thought I'd better not either. You're welcome. :)