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Charlotte's Day

I have been amazed how little the kids have been sick this school year.  Amazed and very thankful.  However, Charlotte woke up last night and it sounded like she was about to vomit.  I rushed her into her the bathroom and she did a little. It only happened one more time and that was it; it was all over in about 2 hours thankfully.  She slept really late this morning and was very snugly this morning but then was back to her giggly and screaming self this afternoon.   Thank goodness!  

We had a nice lazy day today.  A walk, dancing, cleaning, and other fun stuff at home. Charlotte has been more into puzzles lately.  She got some for Christmas and we have a TON from when Cole started them when he was 2, so we have plenty for her to do.  It's neat to see her learn and grasp it all!

 Another Charlotte outfit original.  Green undershirt, purple top, black leggings, and ballet leg warmers. :)

We played Barbies for awhile and then I practiced my self portrait....haha, I mean I practiced silhouettes.

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Lisa said...

Poor Charlotte! Cora is having her puke day today! (and last night :( ) We didn't even see you, so I guess they are from different sources!

Your children sure are good at puzzles! It amazes me!