Super Sevins


Sevin Snow Day

The reports were every where yesterday with the news of how intense this blizzard would be, how icy the roads would be, how it would take hours to get anywhere. Brendan's company "cancelled" work for the day. (I am SO jealous Brendan works for a small company based in Mass!) Still, yesterday every time Brendan would ask me if I planned on taking a vacation day today I told I probably wouldn't.  So I woke up at 6 this morning and turned on the news.  Charlotte woke up right away (although she was tired enough to really still stay in bed but wanted to be next to me!).  I saw the roads, the accidents, the snow conditions, and the fact that the rest of my family was going to be home, and my decision flipped. :) I'm so glad I did stay home as we had a great day of playing and family time.   I was actually really excited for the snow and Cole and Charlotte were too.  Charlotte was a little put off by the fact that she could not walk in it (15+ inches at 11am!) until Brendan ran the snowblower over the driveway.  Both had a great time with the Rogers and of course the Rogers' sledding hill was a big hit as always.

Watching Caden play outside and eagerly waiting for me to get ready.

"Up-ee Mommy! I can't walk!"

Cole forges a trail and told Charlotte to walk in his footsteps!

Haha- he can't see! His hat kept falling down over his eyes.  Needless to say we put on a different hat the second time we went out.

Caden and Cole would push down some snow in the path and call it "hot lava". You couldn't touch it and had to jump over it!  Love the imaginations!

 Loungin' around!  This is actually something I would have loved to do! Falling snow is so peaceful.

 Away goes the snow from the snowblower!

This was at noon.  It kept falling until about 5.  Thanks, Winter! I think that should do it until Spring comes around!  

Can't wait to go sledding again this weekend!


Katrina said...

Reminds me of when we would have snow days when I was in school and we would spend all day outside digging tunnels and making forts! Snow days are the best!

Lisa said...

Oooh! I love snow forts too! We need to plow our drive way to make good fort banks... at my best friends we would make tunnels through and dig out the center to make an igloo.. ahh the memories!

Great photos! I took about 2 when I first came out and it was from my garage of you guys across the street! What was I thinking?! whiteout! then I put it in the back of my car to take out again, but then never did.. oh well!

I am so mad at myself for starting my painting project during Cora's nap.. I should have known it wouldn't be a quick job and I missed the 2nd time out.. tear!

Can't wait for sledding at Mack's! although the snow is slow.. today at skiing the kids were coming to a dead stop half way down the hill! I'm sure it'll change by the weekend.

Kerry Lynn said...

Hi Kelly,
I replied to your comment on my photo blog, not sure if you saw it.

Anyway, love the snow pictures :-) We've been having a ball in it too and we're getting more as I type!

I have a newborn workshop that I just planned. if you're interested (or know someone who is) in the details send me an email.

Kerry Lynn said...

I actually have the blog post up with details now. I hope to hear from you!