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Jackson Hole, Here We Come!

Cole had a his first ski lesson today at McIntyre. I can't believe we've never been to this ski hill (and it is a hill, not a mountain!) before. It was literally 15 minutes away from our house.  Cole took to skiing incredibly well and was begging me to take more lessons this year after this one was done. I was so glad he liked it since he doesn't usually love activities where he feels out of control until he has control (if you can understand that!). 
We rounded up our Applewood buddies and they took one big group lesson.  I think the words out of the main instructor's mouth were "Oh boy, this is going to be fun."  

 Charlotte had fun just bouncing around on the snow...hey, it's hard to even walk on it at our house!

 Practicing before the lesson started.
 This was pretty much his face the entire time!

 This photo cracks me up. Aiden and Maddie are skiing off by themselves. 

 And there go Sam and Cassidy!

 Practicing on one foot. Cole was not thrilled with this one! He wanted to get to the slopes!

 Lucky Dianna got to get some skiing in! I cannot wait to get back on the slopes again sometime soon!

 They spent a lot of time falling down. :)

 Charlotte and Mason had some fun time together.  We saw the snow making machines which Jake and I warned them that if we got too close then it would spray snow on them (they were off!) and they thought that was hilarious and kept saying they would turn into snowmen.  They crack me up. These two will be going to kindergarten together in 2 years!

 And he's up!

 We had goldfish for a snack. Charlotte's hands were cold and she couldn't eat with her gloves on so we fed her like a little bird. After awhile of silliness she developed a crush on Jake and only wanted to be by him.  :)

 The ladies!

 Cole was disappointed when it was over!

 This pic is one I'll cherish for a very long time.

 On their way to falling over!

Awww!!  So sweet.

I think I'll take Cole back for at least one more lesson this year and then sign him up for the 6 week long lessons next year.  Can't wait for those family ski trips!


Lisa said...

Yay!! So fun! I am so glad he loved it! Looks like the gorup of them had a great time! While it is so sad to see them growing up, the fun we are in for grows every day!

Oh and... Ahem.. can we make a few of those neighbor family ski trips?! Fun times ahead!

Katrina said...

Fun!! I love Cole's rosy cheeks. The group photo is awesome!! Definitely need that one framed.

P.S. I don't even remember that ski area being around haha. I'm so observant. We used to drive up around where I am now when we were in high school!