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When it's too cold, go swimming!

Last Sunday we went to the indoor pool at the local Workout Club with the Rogers'. It was so nice and toasty! I could have stayed in there all day.  This pool is also awesome in that it has this nice big waterslide and also a pool with sprinklers and fountains that is set up so that little kids can just walk in (is that called zero entry pool? Not sure.) Cole could NOT wait to get to the slide- he headed right for it when we got there. He has such confidence swimming now but I think he didn't realize what pull the water would have at the bottom of the slide. The first couple times he needed Brendan to help him but then he understood how to strengthen his swimming to get him out of it.  We all had such a blast!

This picture made me laugh out loud when I downloaded it! There are all of the Rogers' peaking over the edge! haha!

 Charlotte's confidence in swimming has grown tremendously since last summer, mostly because of her independent and obstinate nature in thinking she can do it all herself!  A couple times I was gently holding her as she swam and she said, "Let me do it myself!"  Now, this girl does not know how to swim on her own by any means.  That being said, I wanted her to know she couldn't do it without actually telling her (I don't want her thinking she can just jump in the pool by herself!).  So when she told me that I said" Charlotte you need more lessons to learn but if you'd like to try it, go ahead." So I let go and of course she couldn't swim. I scooped her right up (it was like 2 seconds) and she realized that she was a little more helpless than she thought she was! Writing this I feel like it looks like I was a bad mom for letting go of her in the water but she was never in danger and going under is actually good for her to get used to!  Charlotte had an awesome time with the rest of us and she has warmed up to the idea of swim lessons just because she loves the water more now and she wants to swim like the rest of us!

The gang's all here!  

I only took out the camera for 10 minutes and I was back in the pool!

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Lisa said...

I love that place! It was so fun.. I however look very concerned while watching Cole go down the slide!! haha!