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Back at the Park

Yippee! Friday was amazingly beautiful and I could not wait to get out of work to enjoy it.  Brendan, Rob, and some other guys were in Boston watching college hockey and Lisa and I had already planned to get together for pizza and playtime.  I called her last minute and suggested pizza at the  park. It was a bit breezy but still so warm outside.  I soaked it in!  The kids were just thrilled to be back at the park and really did not want to leave when it was getting dark out!

These girls are playing together now. I think Charlotte feels like she has to take care of Cora and talks to her in a voice she reserves for her babies. She told her how to get back up the slide and how to go down. It was funny, especially Cora can really do all of those things by herself!

 Charlotte saw the similar photo on my 365 blog and asked, "Is this when I was chasing the boys?"  Yeah....this was my daughter who initiated that game of "How about the boys chase the girls?" and basically it turned into Charlotte chasing Cole and Caden.   Have I mentioned she will be a handful?

It's odd being at the park this year and not necessarily being needed. Charlotte ran from this to that and didn't need me to prop her up or lift her on most things. She did need me to spot her on the rock wall but I think she would have done it without me there anyway. Each year this girls personality blossoms more and more. 

They all needed my help on the zip line.  I couldn't believe Caden was only about a foot from the ground. He is so tall this year!

What a sweet photo of Cole helping Charlotte across. What the picture doesn't tell you is that Cole and Caden were also bouncing it along the way and Charlotte was yelling, "stop!"  

Ah, spring, how I love you so!

 These twirly seats were "home base" for Caden and Cole. I'm not sure what that meant exactly!

Charlotte made an immediate friend at the park and they ran around together until the little girl went home. Charlotte saw her about to leave and just said, "Why is my friend going home?"  Again, big personality this year compared to the shy toddler of last year!

 Caden is so sweet, helping Charlotte down.

She climbed up the  spider web like it was nothing! Forget me adjusting my camera settings- she sped up and I just got to take this one photo.

And then, boys will boys.  While waiting for Cora and Lisa, Caden and Cole just started throwing snow onto the pavement.  

Awesome time! Can't wait to go back.


Lisa said...

Haha! It was such fun! minus my trips to the woods with Cole :) It really just amazes me how much Charlotte grows and changes even from season to season! She is turning into such a big girl with big personality! I love getting to watch this!

How funny is the story of your sweet picture of Cole and Charlotte on the beam!

Great caputre of the evening! I love all your angles! Cole on the bridge and Charlotte on the web are great!

MOM said...