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Maple Sugaring

There is a constant never ending war in our household.  The war of pure maple syrup versus the vile swill that is labeled syrup but truly is not! :)  Can you tell which side I'm on?!  I grew up on maple syrup. I love it. Brendan grew up in LA (does everyone know that by now?! :)) and grew up on maple flavored corn syrup.  Yes, I realized this blog post is biased but if Brendan wants to write his own blog he can proclaim the virtues of his side all he wants. I won't hold my breath- haha!  

Although I will say this, because we never had the fake stuff in the house when I was growing up, when I do eat, it reminds me of breakfasts  at my grandparents' in Wisconsin.  And that makes me happy. So all is not lost! :) 

Cole and Charlotte like both.  They eat which ever we pour on their plates, although Cole this evening stated that he would eat Daddy's syrup on pancakes but Mommy syrup on waffles.  My little politician!

Two weekends ago we went to Peterson's Maple Sugar house in Londonderry for the open house! The smell was divine!

 To me, Charlotte looks like she wants to say, "Oh, I am SO much cooler than this maple sugaring stuff."

 Takes 1 big bottle of sap to make 1 little bottle of syrup!
During the little tour, the gentleman said that the fake stuff is really only 2% maple flavoring and the rest is high fructose corn syrup and my dear husband said, "And that's the way I like it."  You stay classy, Brendan.  :)  

Tonight he pointed out to me that our bottle of fake stuff says "No high fructose corn syrup" right on the front. I asked him what the main ingredient was then. He read from the bottle, "corn syrup."  Oh dear.

 Blue sky! Now if we could only get some warmth to go with that!

 If the temperature is right, it only takes 24 hours to fill the bucket!

 So ingenious! They have a tubing system from tree to tree so that the tubes run right from the trees right to a holding tank in the barn. No collecting heavy buckets!

 Explaining how the syrup is made. It smelled divine in there!

 I did not know this but the early spring syrup is light in color and as the season progresses, the color turns darker.  Neat little fact!

 Free ice cream with maple syrup and maple roasted walnuts! 

 Have cool barn, will take pictures. :)

Rob and Brendan were ready to go home.  


Lisa said...

Ha! I was just going through my pictures of that day.. I may as well just link to your blog because I barely took any, and the ones I did take, you have similar ones!

Unfortunately I am also on team corn syrup :) butter flavored even, for extra deliciousness! Real syrup A. tastes weird to me, and B. is too thin!! and makes my food soggy! I was raised on the fake stuff though, so perhaps that is why.. which is interesting since my Dad now makes the real stuff! But I just can't make the switch!

Abby Chau said...

Confession: I only eat the real stuff but give the kids the cheap fake stuff that San buys and likes. Does that make me a bad mother? Probably.

My uncle had a sugar house when we were kids so fake is not an option for me.

Katrina said...

I'm a fan of the real stuff myself. That and the maple sugar candies-- yum!!

I'm okay with Ethan liking the fake syrup. It's much cheaper that way haha.

Mom said...

A sugarhouse so close! How much is it? I may have to go there instead of the grocery store! Local and fresh is best anyway!