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Out for a Run

Brendan got us all out for a run last weekend.  Well, Brendan and I ran. Brendan pushed the kids in the bike stroller. Cole was happy playing Angry Birds on the IPhone and Charlotte just watched the world go by.....looking pretty stylish, I might add.  She cracks me up.

They are stuffed in there now. I think we'll get maybe another couple months and that will be the end of it. Sniff, sniff. So sad!  I have to go pull up the pictures from last year and the year before of them in the bike stroller.  

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Lisa said...

Geez, I am really behind on your blogs! Sorry for the comment flood as I caught up!

Man I would have loved to see you guys on your family run! So cute! Now that you are all in run mode.. and I have finally reached the point I can enjoy a run and not hate every second, we have to get Rob back into the game and we can do a race.. okay maybe not :) I forgot Brendan only runs for fun.. but for me races are for fun too! (except for the entry fee) Not as if I could ever win!