Super Sevins


According to Charlotte...

 ....the number one reason to go to dance class is for the candy at the end of class. 

 ...boys are for chasing.

 ....the Cinderella dress, slippers, crown, and wand must be laid out "just so" when we leave for the day.  

 ... smiles are plentiful but so is her fiery temper.

 ... Mommy can do her hair and she'll sit nicely while I braid it, pin it, whatever.  Hair washing is not though. is always a good time for a snack. She's always hungry!

 ....feeding the dolls and Mommy and Daddy are one of her most important jobs of the day.

 ....singing jibberish is always encouraged.

 ....entertaining others (people she knows well) is one of her favorite things.

 ....walking on the ceiling is a good way to elicit some laughs.

 ....showing off for the camera is all well and good.
 ...but making her "charlotte faces" is what she loves the best.

 .....she loves her buddies.

...she makes up games like pushing the police car (she insists it is NOT a fire truck) with her tricycle to the garage. She was so proud of herself for that one!

Ok, that was a poor attempt at using the photos from the last month but I had to share them! :)


Lisa said...

Aww!! I love this post!

Such pizazz this girl has! I love her in the batman costume on the ceiling! too funny!

Just seeing her play with the kids on the driveway it amazes me how much things have changed since last year! "Boys.. chase me!" I cracked up!

Mom said...

The World According to
Charlotte is full of fun, love and magical dresses! I sure hope she gets the Rapunzel dress soon!