Super Sevins


Still a Fish

Cole's love of all things swimming is still going strong this year. I still can't believe this is the same boy who 1.5 years ago would not get his face wet!  He's in a class with his buddy Sam and they have a lot of fun! Apparently the instructor is quite hilarious!

 Cole's a swimmer already and can swim underwater for a good distance so he was curious what he would learn in swim class. I told him just because he can stay afloat doesn't mean he is done learning!  They have to swim the entire length of the pool a couple times during class by practicing face in and face out of the water and bringing their arms up and over.  Technique is important!

 Cole and Sam. :)

This is by far the best part of class for  Cole.  He loves, loves, LOVES jumping in from the diving board.

He is so funny. He had to wind up his arms several times in preparation for  jumping in.

He also gets a kick out of drying his own hair after class. 

About 7 more weeks until we open up the pool!


Katrina said...

Haha! He cracks me up. He's so expressive. I can't wait to see how well he's swimming this summer!

Lisa said...

Love these!! He may sprout gils this summer.. he is so good at underwater! I just love the picture of him looking up at you! and peeking over the edge. And of course the picture of him jumping in that you had posted on facebook!!

It would be nice to be a kid again..I so love to swim.. I just wish I loved wearing a bathing suit!! haha!

Mom said...

What great technique in Cole's Jumps from the board! Cole already asked if he could take the underwater hoops home. He will be fun to watch!