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This post is a recap April 1st to April 8th or so. 
 We woke up 2 ago Fridays to this.  Beautiful but entirely depressing. It's hard to believe it given that it was near 70 today and we were shorts today!
Before I could start crying too hard over our loss of (somewhat) green grass that day, the Chau's invited us over for a pizza night with the Lindholm's. It was SO needed after a really tough week at work.  Ice cream sandwiches were also exactly what I (and everyone else!) needed.

Charlotte has a nose for  princess clothes and immediately found Meisee's stash!

Mason absolutely cracks me up. He would think I was taking a picture and close his eyes and laugh.  Just when he opened them I tried to snap away! 

There was a dance party after dessert but Cole was a zombie he was so tired at that point.

The next day Damien, Amanda, Olivia, and Cameron came to visit and it was so cold! We went to the park anyway to get some fresh air.  It was still hard to see the snow on the ground. It does something to my mood to revert to snow covered ground, I tell you!  

Cameron and Cole look on the Dads playing tennis.  They soon got in there and started to play.  

 The next day we went for a walk around the old Benson's Animal Farm. I really really enjoyed it!  Cole and Caden brought there scooters and  had a ton of fun.

 I made Lisa stop and point to the sign so I'd have someone in the photo. :)

 Off to the lake!

It was really cold but there's Brendan in a sweatshirt and shorts!  He's go that warm Louisiana blood!

 I used to paddle boat on this lake when I was a kid!

 Caden tried to scooter on through a big puddle but ended up all wet. He handled it really well though!

 In what used to be the old tiger cage! The kids really got a kick out of that.

On our way back to the cars.  

This weekend's photos include a lot more sunshine and no snow!  To be posted soon!

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Lisa said...

You guys sure packed in a lot of fun!

Charlotte looks so regal with her princess gloves on!

Love your Benson's shots! The kids picture is great! You got all of them! You are right it is so fun seeing what each other "envisioned" in their shots! we have to go back once things green up!