Super Sevins


Super fun!

Happy Birthday to our darling neighbor Caden!  Six, wow!  That just seems TOO old!  I love how Cora is looking adoringly at Caden in this!

Everyone loves bouncy houses! They are always a huge hit.


Charlotte loved the ball pit! Modern day ball pit- I remember all of those fun parties at Chuck E Cheese with the big plastic ball pit!

Go Mason! So fun!

Zach jumps in!

Brendan says the foam pit smelled like stinky feet. I'm surprised he stayed in there! You know Brendan!

Rob tossed Cole in once and ended up with a line of kids to throw in!  I like how Cora looks concerned in the first pic!

No focus but love the face anyway!

The kids had an awesome time!  They barely wanted to sit down for cake!


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness your pictures are great! Your action shots are fabulous!! My favorite being Cole bouncing down the slide! Great pit pictures!

Hmm.. I am going to have to take a whiff of the pit on Saturday, I've never noticed the smell.. but I can't imagine it is good! I would love to be there when they empty the pit to see all that has been lost at the bottom! Kinda gross though!

Katrina said...

Fun! I love all the shots of them in mid air haha. That slide looks so tempting.

I thought Lisa was talking about smelling her armpits. I had to go re-read to see what it was she was actually talking about. Haha....