Super Sevins


Easter sooooo last week, I don't know why I am posting them! haha.  It was literally last week but still lots to say. These of course are a pared down version of the photos posted on FB last week. Some are actually edited now and with a bit more commentary.  

Before we went to bed the night before Cole reminded us that we wait at the top of the stairs until Daddy has his video camera and Mommy has her camera. Capturing the moment has become a normal part of their lives!  So funny.   We woke up to a beautiful morning and each kid found a pile of eggs next to their beds.  So exciting!

 Waiting for Mommy.

 We had hid the little chocolate Dove eggs as well as the plastic eggs filed with jelly beans and the colored hard boiled eggs around the house. I so want a morning where they have a hunt outside but maybe next year!  Cole is very familiar with what the trail of chocolate means now and could not wait to find his basket.  Cole's basket is at least 50 years old!  It was Brendan's but first it was PawPaw's when he was a kid!  Someday Cole will pass it to his first born. :)

After the Easter baskets were opened (Charlotte was THRILLED with her nail polish!) there was more egg hunting in the living room.  I loved to hear their squeals every time they found an egg in an unusual spot!

 Most of us were in our pajamas or a quick change of clothes but Charlotte could NOT wait to put on her Easter dress and sweater.  She had been eagerly awaiting the morning for a couple weeks!

Found these adorable shoes at Target for $12!  Charlotte is in love with them and wears them anywhere I'll let her (the only restriction is that she can't wear them to play outside or to school of course.)

 I tried to get a couple cute photos before church but: 1) Belle was apparently part of our family photos, 2) Everyone (including me- shame on me!) was a little grumpy although you couldn't tell from Cole's smiles.   I love that kid- always wanting to please.

 After church we went to Mimi and Grandpa's and of course needed to take a bunch of family shots. Kids were bribed with chocolate. :)

 The kids received kites for Christmas and haven't been able to use them yet. We had a slight breeze at the house and with enough running they stayed up fairly well.   They really enjoyed it and I can't wait to go to the beach to use them there!

 Charlotte loved her new nail polish and insisted on painting my nails, Kerry's nails, and Grandpa's nails. He's such a good sport! I hope he remembered to take it off before work the next day! haha!

 After dinner, the boys went to the driving range at the nearby golf course. We packed up the wagon and stopped by to say hi.

I would love to get Cole into some lessons. For that matter, I would also love to get myself back into lessons. I love the "ping" of the club as it hits the ball, the game is so enjoyable, and I used to know what I was doing!  Maybe this summer Cole and I will do that together.

Here's an absolutely amazing thing.  Charlotte is no longer afraid of dogs.  She has spent enough time with Dakota now that she even adores her! I caught her snuggling with Dakota several times.  I am so glad she won't carry that fear with her!

We have got to get these kids a dog.  Cole is a great age for it.

When we were driving away from my parents that night Cole softly said, "I loved today."   And that just sums it up.  


Mom said...

It's those last comments from children that make a grandparent so content!
I love my family - and am so proud of everyone!

Lisa said...

Aww! I absolutely LOVE your family picture! and all your other family pics.. the one of your sister is terrific! Every time I see all your great family pictures I say I need to do this more.. but I never do, what is wrong with me?! We hardly have any!

Such a fun day! I love your driving range tradition. Cole walking the dog is so funny! Holidays with family are just the best.