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Visit with Grammy and PawPaw

Friday night Grammy and Pawpaw came down to stay the night for what was supposed to be Cole's opening day baseball parade and first baseball game.  However, the weather had other plans and the parade/game was postponed. So, we just had lots of fun with Grammy and PawPaw instead.  We love their company; they are just so much fun. 

Friday night Brendan went out with some of his friends and we went to Mack's for ice cream.  Two for two Fridays! And two for two Fridays we have gone it has been cold which was diappointing because actually this particular Friday during the day had been so nice! Oh well! The ice cream and company was a good tradeoff.

Saturday it was rainy and I thought the kids and I could do a fun Easter craft.  Well, Cole didn't want to do it (wanted to play games instead) and Charlotte spent a good 1/2 hour spreading glitter on the body of the bunny but wasn't impressed with doing the rest of it. So, I put together the bunny and I'm pretty proud of myself! ;)

 Cole was happy coloring some cut-out Easter Eggs.  (Just HAD to play with some new B&W actions!) :)

 Then Grammy and PawPaw gave Cole and Charlotte their Easter baskets, always filled with lots of fun things and a lot of candy. Yum!  

 Waiting for their surprise...

 Reading The Tale of Despereaux....

 Then we colored the Easter eggs!  So fun!

 Counting to twenty to wait for the colors to darken. Charlotte knows her numbers very well! We count a lot and this keeps her entertained for things like when washing her hair (we always end on the count of 30!).


Katrina said...

Looked like a lot of fun! I love all your photos and edits. :)

Lisa said...

I love your bunny! and your old school b&w! the picture of the group on the floor is great!

And I am happy to see them in their aprons!