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T-Ball practice!

I wanted to name this post, "Growing Up" because it really feels like now that Cole is in organized baseball, he's more grown up! I guess I could say that for anything he does that is "new".  I just look back at my first baseball days and I can't believe Cole is already there.  Time is too fleeting!!

Their assistant coach is awesome. He really knows what he is doing and frankly was a bit more organized than the head coach!  They have one practice to open up the season and then it's just games from here on out.  He was supposed to have his parade and first game today but the snow/hail/sleet/rain/generally stinky weather ruined that!  Oh well, we have next week!

The (assistant) coach started off with some simple instructions and then onto stretching and jumping jacks.  This coach is a dad of one of Cole's Moose Hill team mates and I know the mom from volunteering at school so it was nice to have someone to chat with during the practice.  I chatted too up with another Mom that was really nice and that I had met at another friend's birthday party.  I swear, if it wasn't for my kids, I wouldn't have friends here! :)  haha!

 Showing them how to catch.

Line dancing? I'm not sure what is going on here. :)

 Charlotte entertained herself quite well during the 1.5 hours of practice! She LOVES to skip and found herself skipping back and forth for quite awhile!  Hey- whatever keeps her happy!

 I love this photo.  Cole didn't think he would know anyone on his team. Caden and Sam are in the 6 year old league; Ryan is on another Tball team.  When we got to practice, we found out that Isabelle from Applewood is also on his team and also two friends from Moose Hill are on the team. In this little huddle above, they were  laughing and pointing back and forth and saying "Hey, I know you!"  It was funny.

The other day Cole and I got to talking about how I met Robyn in 1st grade and we've been best friends ever since. He looked at me all forlornly and said, "I don't have any best friends at Moose Hill."  We talked about how it is more difficult to develop really solid relationships in such a short time at school (only 2.5 hours) and how he has really solid friends at Applewood. He agreed and was happy.  Then I see something like this where I know he is developing really strong relationships at Moose Hill too; he just doesn't realize it I guess! :)  

 Learning to stop the ball.  It's tough!

 This was hilarious. The Mariners lined up at home plate and were going to have a relay around the bases. The other team (the Cubs) were lined up at 2nd and whoevers' team finished first won the relay.  The kids were too excited to completely listen to what a relay is though because as soon as the coach said "go!" all of them ran!  It was so funny.

Then they started over and did the relay right. :)  Cole zoomed around the bases!  Must work on actually touching the bases though. haha!


Katrina said...

Cole looks like a pro out there! I love the picture of him huddled with the other 2 kids laughing. I could listen to the conversations between the kids all day. So cute.

Lisa said...

So fun! I love the picture of everyone taking off during the base race! So funny! Cole looks very speedy!

Charlotte looks straight out of a kids clothes magazine!