Super Sevins


Tradition: We always go to Mack's with the Rogers on the day the ice cream stand opens.  Last year this was fun as it was relatively warm that day.  This year the day it opened (4/15), it was freezing!  We bundled up and went anyway since we had promised the kids ice cream.

 Cole and Charlotte both got the Flavor of the week: Candy Shop!  Charlotte was very proud to order it herself.  


 We braved it on the bench for a little bit and then headed to the cars to finish off our ice cream! It was too darn cold!

 Long line on opening day even though it was about 42 degrees!

 Charlotte, Cole, and Caden were thrilled to be in the back of the car eating their ice cream. (Don't worry, we weren't moving!)

That little flash is Lisa being a dork taking a photo of this dork taking her picture. :) That person in the drivers seat is Rob rolling his eyes at us. :)

Trying to catch up with the blogging tonight!  We'll see how many posts I get done.

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Lisa said...

Yummy! The kids look so cute sitting in the back of the car! Our Cole was so sad when we left and Caden got back in our car, he wanted to go sit in too.. maybe next time.. although hopefully next time it is because we need air conditioning! haha!