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Our Perfect Day

 Last Sunday we spent the entire day outside.  I think Charlotte even got a little too much sun on her arms but I didn't realize it until it was the end of the day.  We had a fabulous time.  Bubbles in the  morning, off to the track to run and bike, lunch outside, and fun on the swing set.

Charlotte rediscovered her motorized bubble maker and she and Aidyn had fun with that. Cole was playing soccer with Brendan.  By the way, we found out that they raised the football age to 7 or someone going into 2nd grade so phew, he's got another year to make that decision. I am just fine with being a soccer mom but we'll see!

 Aidyn knew it was almost time for him to go and he so he took the two toys of ours that he loves the best and waited by the tree. Charlotte was walking by him and he was just watching her making sure she wasn't going to take the car.  It was hilarious.  We let him take the pirate boat since he loves it so and Cole and Charlotte don't play with it anymore! ;)

 Then we were off to the track! Brendan has being doing great with consistent exercise every day, either the elliptical or running. He's healthier than I. I need to get myself going (again) with that. But I am proud of him!

 Cole has been against getting on his bike again (without training wheels). It's not that he had any big wipeout last year; to him, it is just the possibility of falling and hurting himself that worries him because he wasn't completely steady on the bike.  He rode his scooter a couple times around the track, we had a snack, and then I told him it was time to get on his bike. By that time he saw how safe the track was so he was ready to get back on.  And of course, he was fine!  The one thing to work on is getting going but once he is peddling he has no problem staying up or stopping.  Just more practice!  I loved watching him go and liking it too!

 The kids begged to have a picnic outside.  It makes me smile to know they love this tradition each year!

 This silliness is a game they invented last year.  One person climbs up the slide and another person slides down. When they meet they grab onto each other and slide on down! There's a lot of giggling and it's quite hilarious to watch.
They tried this again later in the week with both of them and also Caden. I didn't have my camera out but that was a site to see!


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! The cuteness in the slide pictures is too much to handle! I can hear the laughter through the photos!

Love the weather in them too! bare skin outside again! I never thought it would happen.

Abby Chau said...

I keep wanting to run on the HS track. Go Brendan!! The orange looks so good in these pics. Why are the warm days 10 days apart?