Super Sevins



For the first time in a long time my birthday this year felt extra special... I felt extra special.  Maybe it was because the world didn't end the day before. haha!  I think it was because Cole was so excited for my birthday....not because there was a party or for presents. He was just excited to celebrate me.  And that felt awesome.  I also got to do whatever I wanted and had a grand time doing it.  We went out to brunch with the Schwinns (hands down my favorite meal!) and then off for a walk through the woods on the Windham Rail Trail. It was 60 and cloudy but not raining and the walk was just so nice! I really enjoyed it. Then we went to the store and bought tomato and pepper  plants,  planted them, sprayed them and the strawberry plants with stuff to keep the deer and rabbits away.   Lisa and the kids and my parents and sister came over for cake. It was seriously a perfect day!  Oh, and I have to admit, I loved having all of the notifications on FB with people wishing me happy birthday. I'd be lying if I said I didn't love the extra attention.   

 Schwinns were dog sitting for a friend. She was the sweetest little thing and Cole loved to walk her.  I REALLY want a dog and am trying to convince Brendan.  

 Yum! Cake from Blackberry Bakery was scrumptous!

Brendan plays magician with the candles that refuse to go out. :)
It was a wonderful day!!


Lisa said...

Exactly how birthdays should be!! All about you! Looks like it was perfect, and by the way your cake was delicious!

Looking at your life you cannot possibly get a dog! You'd have to board it every other week!

Katrina said...

It sounds like the perfect birthday! I'm so happy you had an amazing day.

I love all the photos. :) The cake looks sooo good!! Yum.