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The Perfect Date

I watched Miss Congeniality the other day (one of my favorite movies and one I could watch a thousand times) and this quote made me  laugh as it has 17 times before: 
 "Miss Rhode Island, please describe your idea of a perfect date. 
Cheryl "Rhode Island": Well, my idea of a perfect date would be April 23rd. Because it's not too warm or too cold, and all you need is a light jacket." 

I love it!

 Well, last Friday night was my idea of a perfect date with my family. It was just ice cream and running around the apple orchard but it was a gorgeous Friday night and it was such a good way to start off the weekend.  I am so thankful to have the family I've always wanted!  

I said to Cole, "Cole tell Charlotte a joke."  So he started off, "Well, there was this..." To which Charlotte interrupted him and said, "No! Not a story, a joke, Cole!"

Cole has this hilarious ability to throw himself into fits of laughter on cue.  He thinks of something funny and he's off into hysterics. He can stop it when he wants too.  Sometimes it gets out of hand at the dinner table. :)

 Here Charlotte is singing, "Fly butterfly, fly!"  over and over again very loudly. She loves to make up songs or sing ones she knows.  She's often breaking out into song around the house lately. It is so sweet.

Telling a story.  She loves to do that too!


Mom said...

Ohmygosh! Charlotte and Cole are perfect! I love the lighting you had for the pictures, It added a golden glow to their heads of hair!
Love Charlotte's free flowing hair!
I can't wait to hear their jokes, stories and songs again soon!

Lisa said...

The shot of Cole covering his mouth laughing is so genuine! And I just love the shot of the two running off into the sunset!!

Sounds like a very fun night indeed!

Abby Chau said...

I love this post. Everything about it. The activity, the weather, the photos. Everything.