Super Sevins


My little artist

There are many things that are different about Cole and Charlotte for a variety of reasons...boy vs girl, personality, whatever.  Charlotte has always loved to color and draw as soon as she could hold a crayon.  Cole's interest in coloring and drawing didn't start until he was about 4 (but I have to say is really flourishing now- he amazes me with his drawings and stories that he draws!).   Charlotte is so intense with her coloring and I can't believe how well she remains in the line for someone her age.  She is deliberate and careful and of course I just think it is beautiful!


Lisa said...

Wow!! That is amazing! She reallyis a great colorer! And now that I have have heard her fabulous singing.. I think you definately have an artsy one!! Perhaps Cole will have your science brain!

Katrina said...

She really does stay in the lines!! Impressive! Aidyn is much like Cole was and doesn't share my love for coloring.

Abby Chau said...

Exactly the same with Sam and Meisee. He wouldn't pick up a pencil until he was four and never wanted to do arts and crafts. She is the exact opposite.

Mom/Mimi said...

And the artist approves of her work!
I did notice how well Charlotte colors within lines, too! She actually looks at the picture to notice the commented detail, not just grinning due to the compliment! Give her a camera someday! Print a picture she took in black & white and have her color it from memory!