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I'm so ridiculously far behind on blogging that I am just going to start with last week and hope that I stay on track from here on out.  No promises though!

Two weekends ago was a crazy busy weekend for us: three birthday parties, a dance rehearsal, dance class, t-ball game, and a baby shower.  Holy smokes, I am tired just writing that!  
On Sunday Cole Rogers had his fourth birthday party and Charlotte and I went to Katrina's baby shower.  (*Squeal!!* I am so excited to have another niece or nephew!)

In the above photo Cora and Charlotte bond over cheese balls.  I think that was all Charlotte ate for lunch.

 There was also hot dog roasting. Charlotte's face while roasting the hot dog was funny. 

 Awww, my sweet baby girl.

 Charlotte and Cora holding hands as they get ready for the three legged race.

 They got about half way to the finish line and fell over, laughing all the way!

 The boys raced together and they ended up falling over just short of the finish line.  Everyone had a blast with this.  Great idea Lisa!

 Sack races were equally as fun for everyone!

Happy Birthday Cole!

Then it was baby shower time. I couldn't believe how crafty Katrina's friend Heidi was! I can only dream of being as creative as these ladies!

 Charlotte loved the outdoor playhouse. She kept saying, "It has a door Mommy!"

Grammy's "baby" is all grown up! 

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Lisa said...

Such great photos! I may have to steal some from Cole's party from you! Cora and Charlotte holding hands was so sweet!

Charlotte looks like a professional party goer in her fancy dress! I have to show you the picture of my b-friend when I was little with her long hair and my short hair!