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 SO far behind on blogging.  I finally cleaned off some photos off of my computer and now I have a little more time on my hands.  Unfortunately my computer compressed these photos as I was downloading them and they are not the greatest quality, but I the important part is that I do have the pictures. :)

Two weeks ago Cole had his kindergarten celebration at Moose Hill. They sang songs that they had been practicing for weeks and weeks. Cole's favorite from  them was "Down by the Sea" and he's since taught the words to Charlotte who likes to make up her own words to the song (ie "Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, the tree eats the rabbit." Don't ask.  She cracks herself up though).  The classes also sang "You're a Grand Ole' Flag" and a couple others that made me tear up. They were all so cute and so proud of themselves!

 Mrs Stith has obviously been a teacher for many years. When the parents came into the classroom she had everyone all set up for photo time. :)

 He's officially a first grader now!

 I had Cole take photos at some spots around the classroom: where he hung his backpack, where his first spot was on the reading rug, his cubby, and where he signed in for the day every day.

 In two short years we'll be back again for Charlotte.  Can't believe it.  Mrs Stith said she'll miss Cole. She said he was the only child that, never fail, would say a big "good morning Mrs Stith" as he came into the classroom and a big "bye Mrs Stith" as he was leaving.  He really is such a sweet  boy.

On the last day of school we celebrated Cole and all of his kindergarten accomplishments with a cake and a visit from Grammy and PawPaw.  He felt very special indeed!

 That night Charlotte showed us her drawing skills on the driveway. She lately has loved to make these big masterpieces, connecting lines, and extending her artwork.  

 The next day we had the Applewood kindergarten celebration (where Cole goes for after school care).  They also sang some songs accompanied by Matt on guitar.  

Do you love Cole's outfit?  After a day of playing he had gotten his shorts completely filthy and these were the pants in his extra clothes box.  Clothes are not so cute but luckily he still is! :)

 Afterwards there was fun on the playground.  The kids thought it was hilarious to tap San on the shoulder as they slid down. He happily obliged in making them giggle.

 I love these photos of the kids and wish I could make them larger. They are such happy children! (most of the time!)

Running home....


Lisa said...

Congratulations Cole on your graduations! How hard it is to believe you and Caden will be in school all day next year in 1st grade! We were so impressed by your singing skills at graduation! Keep up the great work!

Katrina said...

We're so proud of you Cole! First grade is going to rock!

But seriously... I could have a good little tearfest thinking of you guys just taking him home when he was a baby and bringing him for walks around Salem. It feels like yesterday!!