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Father's Day

Ah, Ribfest.  You make for a perfect Father's Day!  We have missed you these past two years!  

We were so glad to have a gloriously (yes, I did just use that word, thank you!) beautiful day on Father's Day. Not too hot, just a hint of wind, sunny skies.  We spent a long time playing, eating, and walking around.  
We hung around with the Rogers, Chaus, Hynds (minus Robin- :( ) and Lindholms and the kids had so much fun!

 This was hilarious. I should have posted a video.  The kids are always knocking each other around (playfully) but these giant sticks were so heavy they could hardly lift them and them were  lightly tapping each other instead.  I don't Cole could even lift it to bonk Caden once!  It was so funny.
 Some of the dads. :)

 I took some of the kids to watch the whoopie pie eating contest. This gentleman (firefighter, actually!) in front came in second. It was so gross to watch. First of all they had to eat a ginormous double decker whoopie pie and then to get it down they covered it in water. Just the consistency of that is enough to make me gag.  The kids thought it was funny though.
 Dancing? Wrestling? Who knows? They had a good time.

 Happy girls.  Meisee was kind enough to let Charlotte borrow her hat!

 Love this sweet one of Cora.

 The closest thing we got to a Father's Day picture that day.  Oh well!

 Hello movie star!  (You too Lisa! haha!)

 Watching the airshow.

 The boys all waited to go on a giant inflatable that housed a huge (blow up) wrecking ball so they could toss it into one another. They loved it.

 Afterwards Brendan had some alone time and went for a run and the kids and I went over my parents for dinner.  My dad set up a golf hole in the backyard and he and Cole practiced their chip shots!


Katrina said...

Fun Fun Fun!! They really know how to set it up to entertain the whole family. One of these years we'll make it down-- Ethan's been talking about it for so long.

I love the pictures of Charlotte on the swing. She looks so peaceful.

Mom said...

Cole looks like he's so happy to be doing "rough" things with the other boys!
Charlotte was peaceful all right...she was exhausted from all that fun!
The chipping hole is waiting for players!

Lisa said...

Such a fun Dad's day! You guys got around! So nice to have your family so close to be able to do that!

And I do love Charlotte's movie star pose.. much more movie-esque than my pose!!