Super Sevins



I am trying to blog once a week.  I don't think it is working so well. I have way too many  photos to edit and post and it sucked up my entire night!  I think I'll go back to every other night.  But for now I am throwing all of the photos I wanted to post onto this post. And now I'm officially caught up with this blog. :)

Above:  Charlotte runs in the rain during Cole's baseball end of the year pizza party.
Below:  Some photos from Charlotte's preschool party we had at our house. 
Allie yelled to Charlotte, "Come on Charlotte! I'll help you!"

 Some photos from the millions I took at Charlotte's recital.  I posted a ton already on FB but here's a couple more.  She loved every minute of it!

 After the recital  Grammy, PawPaw, Mimi, Damien, Olivia and Cameron came over for some fun and dinner time.  We also did lots of swimming!

I am absolutely framing this photo of Cameron and Cole. They are such awesome buddies.

Cole recently received a DS as a gift. He does excellent with our rules for it (can only play on days when he is home- not Applewood days. And he is limited to only 30 minutes.)  Cameron and Cole were so intrigued when one another played.  It was cute.

And of course there was a huge dance party!

Charlotte was so tuckered out after that fun day.  What a sweet girl.  The doll was given to her (and all of the girls in her class by her dance teacher.) It was a prop in the dance number ("Oh You Beautiful Doll) and has the same yellow and pink tulle as the girls' costumes.  It's so darling.

Last weekend we had the Sevin clan over. Every else was outside. This is what I found when I went to see what Cole and Cameron were doing.

Cousins! Love it!

Oh the games these 5  play!

Somehow the girls "got" the boys.

Fourth of July. Mason looks on as Charlotte has her marshmallow treat. We spent hours and hours at the Hynds. It was a great party and the kids did not want to leave when we packed up at 7. Unfortunately we had work the next day and couldn't stay for the fireworks later on. :(  But we did thoroughly enjoy ourselves that's for sure!

That's it for now!  Phew!


Mom said...

Yea!! I've been waiting for these (since I'm not friend-ed on FB!)
Love pics of ALL the kids! Thanks for the display!

Katrina said...

Such amazing photos Kelly! I'm loving the picture of the boys on the ground while the girls are standing over them haha.

Lisa said...

Aww! The photo of Charlotte with her new doll is so precious! I can't believe I missed the FB pics I will have to check them all out!

I also love the cousins all dressed up.. and the girl power :)

Great synopsis!