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Beach bums!

Saturday we went off to Crane Beach in MA for some summer fun with the Schwinns.  Now this is only the second time that I have been to this beach.  Everyone who has lived in the Northshore has always raved about it.  The funny thing is that for the 5 years that  Brendan and I lived in the Northshore, we actually explored the northern beaches of MA only once when we moved in. Whenever we wanted to go to the beach we shot straight up to the NH or ME beaches. From Salem it wasn't a far drive at all. In fact I remember often going early in the morning when we had Cole and coming back before lunch.  Ah, those were the days. I still do very much miss living on the Northshore. The road that leads to Crane also passes by the apple orchard that we went to many years in a row.  It became too overcrowded the last year we ventured there and with several  orchards in our town, it seemed silly to drive over an hour to get to one. But, still, I miss that area.  We have been lucky to live in some pretty great places.
But, alas!  Saturday was a visit.  Erich brought some Coronas (and even the limes) and some great pasta salad, the kids played so well, and we had a great time.  Only bummer was that the tide was coming in and took most of the beach away.  But I rate a beach on several things,  finding shells being one of them.  I grew up going to either New Castle or Ogunquit and that was one of my measures for a great beach.  Charlotte and I found some clams that were still alive and some clams who had been eaten but their two shells remained attached. After I told her what was in there, she was a little wary of it.  haha!

It was SO hot once we walked away from the water but I still enticed Charlotte to walk along the stairs for some photos.

We have made going to Hampton an annual event with the Rogers and we had planned going to the beach on this particular day months in advance (we have to with the schedules both of our families have!)  This was a view from our towel.  High tide again and crowded.  I prefer low tide and not so many  people!
Cole loved to push the sand through his fingers and was perfectly content staying there the whole day. 

I love Charlotte and Cora's friendship.  They are so cute together. Charlotte really tries to take care of Cora and vice versa.  So adorable.

We played on the rocks for a few minutes but again it was high tide and there were so many people and not really any tide pools to play and it was HOT.  AND we were promised amazing ice cream by Lisa. :)   
So we left soon after that.

Lisa delivered. Hodgies was amazing. I'd put it  in my top 3 spots for amazing ice cream. In case you are wondering Ice House (Rye NH) and Cold Stone Creamery round out the other two. :)

Charlotte agreed.

Don't ask me why I said chocolate was okay on a hot day.  Amazingly it all got on her face and not on her clothes!

Baby news yet??  Brendan called Ethan (and left a message) because we were all wondering if the baby was born yet!!  Funny enough, Ethan would tell us later that Brendan was calling as Addison was being delivered. :)  He texted back 10 minutes later with "It's a Girl!"
We were all very happy of course!

Four out of five kids in the picture isn't bad! :)

And another picture of Addy because I just love her so.  And now the Sevin Six is complete. :)


Mom said...

You may not live at the beach as you had talked about as a teen...For all the visits you make there you Could say that you do!
Love that chocolate smile!
Addison is so beautiful!

Lisa said...

Haha! Your Mom is funny! You sure did have a big beach weekend! Love every photo.. and remembering Charlotte's chocolate smile makes me laugh all over again!