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We have had a very busy vacation so far.  It's 9:30 on Wednesday as I'm writing this and I could just fall over and go to sleep! Nothing relaxing about this one!  But I am with my kids and my husband and that is all that matters to me, because I'd rather be with them than anywhere else!

On Saturday we held a BBQ for the Sevin side of the family...MawMaw's in town for two weeks!  We are all so excited for that and thankful she is visiting with us again!  Cole and Charlotte have taken to her easily and love her fiercely as if they see her often and not every two years!  I'm very glad for that.   

It was VERY hot both Friday and Saturday of last week and I'm pretty certain between those two days Cole, Charlotte, Olivia, and Cameron spent about 8-9 hours in the pool.  They were all rather wrinkly after awhile but very cooled off!  

Of course they took a break to say their hellos to Addy. Both were in awe of her and so very gentle.  Charlotte loved holding her and even Cole wanted multiple turns.  (They would be SO ready for another brother or sister!  But, alas! That isn't going to happen...I'm still working on Brendan to get a dog!)  Anyway, Charlotte just stared at Addy while holding her and then when asked if she liked holding Addy, she gave the biggest grin (see below).  Love it.

At one point I was doing something in the kitchen and it was completely quiet in the house.  Most were occupied in the pool, Cole and Cameron took a break and played the DS (we gave them 15 minutes each!),  PawPaw was holding his newest delight, and Aidyn was roaming the yard and house in the pirate costume, perfectly happy.  It was one of those cool moments, where I know everything is good within my own little world. :)

Ethan and Damien threw Cole up many, many, many times that day. Cole loved it- no matter if he landed in a belly flop or not! 

 Uncle Damien was definitely his buddy for those 2 days he was here.  Cole wouldn't leave him alone in the pool. :)

 I told PawPaw to have the boys jump in at the same time. I'm loving my continuous shooting mode on my camera with all of this pool play! (I took out some of the shots in the sequence to avoid complete picture overload!)

 It cracks me up that you can only see his feet.

 A friend once commented to me that it makes her laugh that Brendan has two picture poses and both of them involve a beer. LOL!

 Olivia was my little shadow that day. I loved it. She is such a sweet little girl.

 Then there was more visiting with Addy.

 Dinner and then more pool time.  Ethan and Damien were commissioned to make a whirlpool.  It was great fun!  Cole and Cameron would jump into the current and let it bring them to the ladder so they could move fast without even swimming; Charlotte and Olivia thought it was funny to be part of the train, and the rest of us enjoyed the relaxation!

 This pic makes me laugh too.  Cole isn't crying; I just caught him as he came up out of the water.

 More jumps!

 Time to close up the pool.  Cole and Charlotte love this ritual. Not that they love getting out of the pool; they just love helping with pulling on the cover.

 Then it was dessert time.  Aidyn got right back into character.  I told him to give me an "arg" but he just looked at me. Cole leaned over and gave me one instead. :)


 Great MawMaw has the touch!

We love that she is here and spending so much time with us!  

(Excuse the fact that Cole doesn't have any pants on!)

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Katrina said...

You captured some really great moments. I love how well all the kids get along. I hope they always have a strong bond.