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Trip Into Boston

While waiting for Brendan to go park the car we watched trains come in and out of the station.  The kids were excited and to be honest, I don't go into the city much anymore either and I think it's pretty exciting too. Such a change of pace and it brings on such wonderful people watching opportunities! 

Love the Common in the middle of the weekday. There is no one there! 

The last time we went on the swan boats Cole was only 20 months old and I was not even pregnant with Charlotte yet!  Back then Cole called these the "ca-ca boats", for "quack quack" which he couldn't quite say back then!  Ah, how times change and life moves on!

Lots of ducks looking for food.  They swam very close to the swan boats just like in the story.

This section was fenced off.  See the swan eggs in the large nest.  Very neat!

Cole entertained himself on the walk back through the Common by balancing the whole way on the sidewalk edge.  

MawMaw took the kids on the carousal which is now on the park between the water and Fanuel Hall.  Hard to believe 10 years ago a highway existed there!  We ate outside at Tia's one of my favs.  One the way out I saw a woman smile at Charlotte and say "What a beautiful little girl."  Why yes, I think so too! 

We perused Fanuel Hall and the kids were so entranced with the Christmas Dove and the thousands of ornaments they had.  Charlotte "oohed" and "aahed" over everything.

We walked to Mike's to get some pastries.  Charlotte choose a whoopie pie (She only was allowed to ate half and thankfully forgot about the rest after we got home.),  Cole inhaled a cannoli, and MawMaw got a eclair.  This place is packed 2pm on a Monday for a reason!

I just adore this  "twin" picture.

Charlotte says "Look at my mustache."  Funny girl!

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Lisa said...

I love the twins picture.. probably mostly because it has mike's pastry boxes involed :) I lvoe their lobster tails!