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On the Beach

Two weeks ago already seems like eons ago.  We spent the day with MawMaw and clan at Ogunquit Beach. It was such a fun day.  I could have spent dawn to dusk (and later) at the beach.  When the tide is out it is quite possibly the best beach....ok, I won't say in the world because I've experienced so few, but definitely in a 50 mile radius! :)
 The tide was out and we set up camp early.  The kids entertained themselves playing in the tide pools, the waves, and in the sand. You can't ask for 5 (ok, 6!) more perfect cousins!

 Addy is under that blanket somewhere!

 Oh, goodness does he look six here.

 The new (and tired) parents! They were such troopers for coming and spending the day at the beach!

 We walked along the Marginal Way and the boys had fun climbing on the rocks.

 We got before-dinner treats at Perkins Cover Candy shop, where I've been going to since I was little.  Olivia shared some of her candy necklace with Charlotte.

Watching the bridge go up.  

We went to dinner at Cafe Prego.... Brendan and I love this little Italian place.  Usually we will have dinner and then some of their amazing gelato but it was a big group of us and we made our way to another ice cream stand instead.  After all, a day at the beach isn't complete without ice cream!

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Lisa said...

Looks like a great beach.. You need to take us there sometime!

Love the cousin fun.. you can't beat that!